Uvalde families discuss potential removal of district attorney amid Robb Elementary shooting

SAN ANTONIO – Family members of Uvalde victims continue to search for answers in wake of the May 24 shooting at Robb Elementary School.

Many lashed out at the city council and Mayor Don McLaughlin on Thursday over the lack of information they have received since the shooting.

McLaughlin said he has not released details to families because Texas DPS and Uvalde County District Attorney Christina Mitchell Busbee have requested that no information be released by the city until the state completes its investigation and Busbee’s office reviews the case.

“Since day one we’ve gotten zero,” said McLaughlin. “I’ve asked the governor’s office, asked the district attorney’s office for it, I’ve asked the DPS office for it and I’ve gotten nothing.”

Residents at the meeting discussed the idea of potentially removing Busbee from office. Uvalde resident Kim Hammond was present at the meeting in support of the families.

“Governments are going to point the fingers because nobody wants to be blamed. The parents just want answers,” said Hammond.


Earlier this month, Hammond told city officials about a policy that could be used to remove Uvalde CISD Police Chief Pete Arredondo from the city council.

He was sworn in days after the shooting. Hammond said she believes options are limited for residents at the moment.

“The attorney general, Ken Paxton, or a district judge would be the only ones that can answer that question,” said Hammond. “We really don’t have any recourse because Christina hasn’t done anything negligible thus far.”

During Thursday’s meeting, McLaughlin presented two letters — one from DPS and the other from Busbee, that indicated that any release of records would directly interfere or impede ongoing investigations.

Hammond said despite that, she feels the district attorney should communicate with families and offer some type of updates more frequently.

“I would ask the DA to give these parents something, not the whole community at large, just the parents,” said Hammond. “To show she is working towards holding those, that if they are negligent, holding them accountable.”


KSAT reached out to the district attorney’s office for comment and did not hear back before this story was posted online.

Where do families of the Uvalde shooting victims go from here? That’s the question they are asking after a heated city council meeting on Thursday did not get any closer to finding out details about what happened at Robb Elementary.

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