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Randy P. Geving CIC, AAI, Managing Director

Since the COVID-19 pandemic shook our world in early 2020, employers are finding outlets on how to retain their employees. “We are currently facing down one of the greatest labor crises in our country’s history as a result of the Pandemic and the subsequent Great Resignation, as it has been called,” says Employee Benefits Agent, Christopher Vinje, at Six & Geving Insurance, “In order to attract desirable employees you have to be willing to provide not only sufficient pay, but you have to provide fringe benefits.”

Christopher states that the reason benefits are a must-have for a company are that it makes the company attractive to employees, it can boost morale in the workplace, it can save money through reducing tax liability, helps to retain employees, and it makes acquiring these benefits easier and more manageable. “According to the 2020 US Census approximately 54% of the American workforce has their health insurance provided through their employer,” Vinje says, “Health Insurance has been statistically proven to be as important a consideration by potential applicants as their compensation.” With this in mind, companies are looking more than ever for Health Insurance benefits.

Not only are larger organizations considering offering Health Insurance benefits to their employees, but so are small businesses. “Small employers are getting more competitive on hiring so the need is much larger in this market than it was pre-pandemic,” Vinje says. With most businesses looking into Health Insurance for the first time, Vinje argues that having a consultation with an agent licensed in Health and Life Insurance is important.

Obtaining Health Insurance at Six & Geving, the client is explained what benefits there are and what would suit their company. Vinje says, “As a potential client you can really get a good idea of the kind of agent you will be working with by how they approach working with you.” He says that the licensed agents at Six & Geving will explain and walk through the benefits and help educate the employer on what their company would benefit from the most. Vinje says that at Six & Geving taking on a new client is a commitment not to the sale, but to the servicing of that client throughout their time with the agent.

When thinking about the pandemic and the world now, Vinje explains that the most important thing the pandemic taught the agents at Six & Geving is how important it is to help guide a client through a tough economic period. Six & Geving can services their clients digitally and through an online insurance carrier or third party enrollment portal. They also are available do video conferences instead of phone calls to a client. “It allows us to do more with our time and to, in turn, better service our clients,” Vinje explains.

To learn more about Six & Geving and their services, you can visit their website at geving.com/”>https://six-geving.com/.

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