Commissioners Reduce Health Insurance Share for County Employees

The County Commissioners had Group Health Insurance on their agenda for Monday’s meeting.

Commissioner President, Kevin Overmyer said, “As we all know people are trying to steal some of our county employees. It was mentioned in last week’s County Council meeting about giving some stipends to different departments, but I think we need to look at what we are charging our employees for their group health insurance. If we can help ease the pain for all the employees across the board that are currently in our insurance plan.” 

Health Insurance coverage for a county employee is $75 per month while an employee and spouse, an employee with a spouse and dependents, or an employee with dependents escalates from that point.   It was stated that family coverage was about $300 per pay period

Overmyer suggested substantially reducing the cost to employees and those with spouses or dependents too.  He said doing it across the board would be equitable for everybody.

Commissioner Mike Burroughs said he was supportive of the plan that would support the county employees who are participants in the current health insurance program.  He said he would like to assist with the employee cost of insurance this year and noted that they are currently looking at the budgeting process for next year but there are no guarantees for next year.           

Commissioner Stan Klotz echoed his comments. 

Burroughs then motioned to have county employees only pay $1 per pay for their health insurance and employees with a spouse and or dependents pay $50 per pay period.  The offer is only for employees that are currently enrolled in the health insurance program

The funds to cover this additional insurance cost will come from the County Commissioner’s budget

The motion was unanimously approved by the commissioners.    

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