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Motorcycle accidents happen more than people think. In fact, there were 124 motorcycle fatalities in 2019. Even a minor impact on a motorcycle can cause serious injuries that have lifelong impacts such as disfigurement, loss of a career, and peace of mind. When in a motorcycle accident, victims shouldn’t have to spend their recovery time fighting with insurance companies and their computer-generated settlement values. Finding the right motorcycle accident lawyers to help you maximize your claim, and ensure your medical bills, property damage, time off work, and rehabilitation are all covered and taken care of can be an invaluable step in your recovery.

In order to ask for the maximum amount of compensation in motorcycle accident cases, there are a few things that the victim needs to do. In fact, if the victim hires a reputable motorcycle accident lawyer, they can have help proving these 5 things that can double a motorcycle accident settlement.

Photos – It is important to take as many photos as possible. Photos of the scene, injuries, vehicles, and the motorcycle. There is no such thing as too many photos in a motorcycle accident claim. This will eventually help prove the seriousness of the accident, and the extent of the damages and injuries sustained. As they say, a photo is worth a thousand words.
Seek Medical Attention – Make sure to seek medical attention right after a motorcycle accident. This is imperative as serious injuries can be sustained that do not present themselves right away. Seeking medical attention will ensure that the driver of the motorcycle is not in serious danger from internal injuries. Also, being diagnosed by a doctor and having them recorded will be very helpful in proving the injuries sustained were real and serious. Documenting every injury right away is key to doubling a motorcycle accident settlement.
Follow All Doctor’s Orders – Following all doctor’s orders is very important. This will ensure a proper recovery, and that the victim does not further injure themselves. Make sure to show up for appointments, and notify the doctor of any symptoms. This is not the time to be a tough guy. If the victim is in pain, they should tell their doctor. If they are having mobility issues, they should tell their doctor. All of this will be documented by the doctor and can be used to maximize the amount of the settlement.
Hire An Expert – Hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer will help a victim of a motorcycle accident in Myrtle Beach determine which expert opinions will be needed to maximize the amount of the settlement. For lost wages both past and future, an expert economist can be very useful in helping to prove that the amount requested is accurate. An expert medical opinion can help prove that the injuries the victim sustained are truly serious and life-impacting. A life care planner can help estimate and prove the amount requested for medical bills is accurate. They can also attest to future medical bills that need to be compensated for as well. Expert reconstructionists can be very useful in proving that all aspects of the accident are accurate, thus proving the victim has no fault in the accident.
Negotiate Medical Bills – Victims, with the help of their motorcycle accident attorney, can negotiate down hospital charges, medical expenses, and the cost of doctor’s visits. Anything that is unpaid can be negotiated. An experienced motorcycle accident attorney can assist victims in negotiating their medical costs.

What Can A Victim Claim For Compensation In A Motorcycle Accident Settlement?
When determining what can be claimed for compensation in a motorcycle accident settlement, most damages are divided into two groups; economical and non-economical. Economical damages are generally more concrete and can be proven more easily. Examples of economic damages are:

Past and future medical expenses
Past and future lost wages
Costs of motorcycle repair or replacement
Loss of career opportunities
Loss of ability to use property

Non-economic damages are harder to prove in court. These are damages that do not have a direct monetary value. Examples of non-economic damages are:

Pain and suffering
Emotional distress
Loss of consortium
Loss of companionship
Loss of ability to perform hobbies or activities
Loss of enjoyment of life

If you’ve been hurt in an accident, trying to negotiate with at least 2 insurance companies while undergoing treatment, purchasing or fixing your car, and attending doctors appointments is a lot to take on. Depending upon the severity of your injuries, expecting family members to help with paperwork is a lot to ask. A good motorcycle accident attorney will fight for you, and your family – and not expect a dime up front for their time.

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