Ohio attorney indefinitely suspended from Supreme Court for repeatedly driving naked

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTRF) — The Supreme Court of Ohio indefinitely suspended a Hamilton, Ohio, attorney for repeatedly driving naked and exposing himself to other motorists.

During an October 2018 traffic stop, Blauvelt was charged with public indecency and reckless operation of a vehicle when it was discovered that he was driving nude.

Blauvelt pleaded guilty to the charges and was imposed in June 2020 by the Supreme Court a two-year, fully stayed suspension.

The Court noted that Blauvelt has a history of public nudity.

Three months after his 2020 suspension, the Butler County Bar Association requested an interim remedial suspension on the grounds that Blauvelt was twice again arrested for nude driving and exposing himself, and that he posed a substantial threat of serious harm to the public.

The suspension in effect today is based on a subsequent complaint filed by the Butler County Bar Association in June 2021, which alleged that Blauvelt had been convicted of three additional counts of public indecency since he was first suspended, according to Court News Ohio.

Blauvelt pleaded guilty to all charges. His sentence includes fines, a total of 14 days in jail, and probation terms ranging from two to five years.

Blauvelt also admitted that he had engaged in other similar acts of public indecency for which he was not arrested.

The Supreme Court noted that Scott Blauvelt is in treatment for bipolar disorder and has expressed remorse for his behavior, but the Court also noted that he still struggles with the urge to engage in his illicit behavior.

To be reinstated to the practice of law in Ohio, Blauvelt will have to meet several conditions, including proving that he is in full compliance with his mental-health treatment plan and orders from the Butler County Area III Court.

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